About Us

For over 40 years, Yamko Truck Lines has specialized in harbor drayage and has offered  the community of import and export a superior service at a competitive price. Since our inception in 1964, we have reliably serviced the Southern California marketplace and have developed a reputation for competence, excellence and lightning-fast service!

As an experienced drayman with close working relationships with intermodal transfer facilities and steamship berths, we have developed an exchange and integration policy within the community that has successfully serviced our clients for decades. And, with a completely new and innovative IBM compatible computer system, we are able to easily and efficiently control all of our container movements, dispatch functions, and broker interactions.

To ensure that each of our customers receives the very best service, we have also implemented a company-wide “complete satisfaction” policy that has rewarded each of our clients with his/her own individual account coordinator. These coordinators are in direct contact with our customers every step of the way so that, as their requirements may change throughout the delivery process, their service will continue to be accurate and timely.

In addition, because security has become such a valuable industrial counterpart over the years, we have our facilities stationed with 24-hour surveillance and security measures to ensure the safety of any cargo that may be stored on our premises.  Our customers can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their cargo will be secure while under our care.

Consumer confidence is essential to any rewarding business relationship, which is why we continue to build our relationships around the best interests of our customers. As our customers´ needs continue to grow and the nature of our industry becomes more extensive and demanding, Yamko Truck Lines will continue to diversify and dynamically adapt to fulfill the needs of each of our clients nationwide.

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