Free Time

Each Driver is allowed 2 hours pick up time at the harbor & 1 hour at the delivery site. Thereafter there will be a $40.00 per hour charge. The customer will be notified if there will be an excess of wait time.

Stop Charges

Any additional stops in transit or unscheduled container/trailer diversions will incur additional charges.  The minimum fee will be $75.00.

Exam Stop Off

Containers taken for exam will be billed at the rate of $100.00 per container in addition to the regular container rate if the driver stays with the container/trailer during the exam. The standard wait time fee applies, and there is no free time.

Drop Charges

Depending on the location and the volume of containers, drop charges will vary; the rate for high volume moves is negotiable.  Please check with our billing department regarding these charges.

Fuel Surcharges

As the price of fuel continues to increase/decrease unpredictably, all listed fuel surcharges may vary from week to week. Please contact our billing department for the current fuel surcharges rates.


If weekend moves are necessary, they will be billed at $65.00 and up.  Holiday moves will be billed at double the container rate.


Containers positioned for redelivery will have an additional charge of $25.00 each. Storage charges will be set at:

Dry- $30.00 per day
Refrigerated- $50.00 per day

Demurrage Charges

Demurrage charges will be the responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee or the Broker. All financial advances will be charged a $25.00 fee.

Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) Advances

All TMF fees are the responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee or the Broker. Arrangement must be made with Yamko prior to the advancing of the TMF fee. Any fees advanced will be charged an additional $25.00.

Weight Scale Stops

Weight verification for all containers (either requested or required) will carry a mandatory fee of $35.00 for verification and $35.00 for the scale ticket.


Transloading is available. Please contact dispatch for quotes/scheduling.

Per Diem/Detention Charges

All per diem/detention charges are the responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee. Yamko Truck Lines will not be responsible/liable for any charges where notification was not received in a time period allowable for Yamko to return a container(s) to the terminal on a timely basis. Yamko Truck Lines must be notified at least 24 hours in advance that a container is empty and ready to be returned. This will allow Yamko Truck Lines the necessary time to schedule the pick up and return of any container. All containers dropped for unloading are the sole responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee including any damages incurred while at delivery site. All per diem charges will be billed at the steamship lines’ current rate. Note: The consignee is responsible for the cleanliness of the empty container prior to being picked up by Yamko Truck Lines. All charges will be the respnsibility of the consignee/shipper.

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